The Founder

Amuda Mishra is the founder and Executive Director of The Ujyalo Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable development in rural Nepal by conducting programs that promote innovation, encourage social enterprise, and increase capacity building through community based projects and cost effective technologies. One of the initiatives of the organization is toMy Commitment Is... - CGI U 2013 create lighting systems in rural communities by turning wasted plastic bottles to “solar-bottle-bulbs”.

Prior to Ujyalo Foundation, Amuda founded Project Ujyalo as a part of her Clinton Global Initiative- Commitment to Action program, which focused on lighting up underprivileged communities in Birgunj using recycled plastic bottles. The main goal of the initiative was not only to light up homes but also to push the idea of innovation and how it can happen anywhere. Amuda believes that the best way to empower a community is by making the community members self- reliant and self sustainable. This initiative is what led to the establishment of  The Ujyalo Foundation.

Amuda Mishra graduated with an M.P.H degree from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2013. Amuda also serves as one of the board members for another U.S based non-profit Udhyami Nepali and was titled Miss Unity-2011 via Miss Asian American Colorado Leadership program. Besides her immense passion for community development, Amuda is a strong advocate for women empowerment and is involved in various leadership programs that focus on elevating the status of women.


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